Exeter, UK
Satellite Workshop on the CCS 2024

MODIS 2024 – How to build digital public spaces: Modelling, Data analysis, and qualitative approaches

The workshop is a satellite workshop at the Conference on Complex Systems 2024 in Exeter and a joined activity of the HORIZON EUROPE projects SoMe4Dem and TWON.

The workshop will explore current methodologies and future directions for theoretically grounded and empirically supported analyses of the impact of social media on public discourse. Furthermore, we will discuss potential (re)designs of social media platforms to mitigate undesirable social dynamics.

See the workshop website for more details

Scientific Origanizers

Sven Banisch

Karlsruhe Institute for Technology universecity.de

Michael Mäs

Karlsruhe Institute for Technology www.twon-project.eu

Eckehard Olbrich

Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig www.mis.mpg.de